2Spray Select saves time and money

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Do everything with one hand and tackle chores without a hitch: Start and stop water and change jet type with your second hand free. With the functional upgrade to the M71 and M51 ranges, get two functions in one with the shower head: Select push button and jet switch-over to make chores easier and use water efficiently at the sink.

hansgrohe tap with jet switch-over and Select push button.
Operate the M51 sink mixer with the 2Spray Select function with just one hand: Stop and start the water with Select, switch jet types by pressing the button on the front.
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The new all-in-one sink mixers with two jet types are also resource-efficient. The shower spray uses an average of just 3.5 l/min with the usual power. This enables us to be more aware of how we use the vital resource of water. Gentle on more than just the budget.
New at the sink: One-handed water control.

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The clever hansgrohe sBox transforms the sink mixer with jet switch-over into a kitchen aid that you cannot live without. The innovative hose guide provides maximum flexibility and allows for seamless workflows: The hose can be easily extended to 76 cm in length and is easy and safe to feed back after use. This means a much larger working radius. When in the idle position, the shower head fits perfectly in the middle of the tube thanks to the MagFit magnetic bracket. Good to know: The sBox is included with kitchen taps with the 2Spray Select function.

hansgrohe has made the workflow at the sink easier with a functional update to its kitchen taps.,rip gal.com

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